Tiexternal image Who-Was-Helen-Keller-9780448431444.jpgtle: Who was Helen Keller?
Author:Gare Thompson
Illustrator: Nancy Harrison
Genre: Biography (illustrated chapter book 107 pages)

"Who was Helen Keller?"
by Gare Thompson. Illustrated by Nancy Harrison. My book is a biography book. The timeline of Helen Keller's life spanning from June 27th, 1880 to June 1st 1968. Helen Keller was intelligent, incredibly self motivated, ambitious as well as stubborn to not let being deaf and blind overcome her. The plot moves chronologically beginning with her childhood “dark years” where she is plagued with internal conflicts of jealousy and rebellion, and acts out violently against her family. As the action rises, after many failures and short comings Annie Sullivan, her teacher, found a way to break through to Helen in communication using water. After this everything changed for Helen, she graduated college, meet every President from Grover Cleveland up to John F. Kennedy, and became an inspiration to others with disabilities.

I felt the biography of Helen Keller was very informative. The language was clear and concise to get its message and the details of Helen’s life across to this younger audience range. I knew a little bit about Helen Keller, but only on a surface level. I knew that she was blind and deaf and always wondered how she could communicate with others. I never knew the struggles that she had with rebellion and frustration.

Mark Powell